If you look really closely, you might have noticed a very subtle change to the BioGUID logo (see the upper banner, and the bottom of the API Page; you might need to refresh your browser). The change involves a slight shift in the hue of the blue and green parts, plus the addition of a third (yellow) link in the chain between “Bio” and “GUID”. Also, the background is now white (transparent for the png files). Why did I do this? Well, as I hinted in an earlier post, BioGUID is now formally part of the Global Names Architecture (GNA), and to represent this association, the BioGUID logo color scheme has been updated to match that of the GNA logo. Also, BioGUID’s GitHub space has been moved to the GNA GitHub project. The old GitHub site will remain live, but only consists of a note re-directing visitors to the new BioGUID GitHub site. Over the next few weeks, I will gradually transfer all the documentation and source code over to the new GitHub repository.