More Progress! It took the better part of the day, but we finally got most of the code transferred to the production server through the ship’s internet. HUGE thanks to Rob Whitton! We didn’t get everything transferred (the code for two more data export services need to be ported), but we at least got the new API file updated, and the Batch Import system seems to be fully transferred and running. Read the API page for more details, or visit the Data page to try it out. We didn’t spend much time making it look pretty, but we’ll try to clean it up a bit over the next few days. And we’ll definitely do a lot of clean-up work after we return to Hawaii at the end of September. Meanwhile, please report any issues to me at deepreef [at] The internet problems are mostly related to uploading content. Downloading (viewing web pages and receiving email) seems to be working a bit better on the ship.