So… I noticed a lot of queries for filenames ending with ‘.jsp’ (obviously robot probes looking for security holes). Out of curiosity, I did a search on ‘.jsp’, and came up with three objects, one of which had a zillion linked identifiers. At first I thought it was an error, but it’s actually correct (all are identifiers associated with the Black-headed Gull, Chroicocephalus ridibundus). However, at least two of the links were broken. The IUCN identifier had been linked to ‘106003240’ (should be ‘22694420’), and the OBIS identifier had been linked to ‘834981’ (should be ‘460266’). I corrected both records, but my concern is: how many other identifiers out there really aren’t so peristent? And… should track historical identifiers (with re-direction to the correct ones)? Food for thought.